Armed Forces Bed Bug Treatment Options

Our Armed Forces of course sometimes have to travel to all corners of the planet, and are thus open to coming into contact with all manner of unwanted bugs, including bed bugs. If they have to regularly move digs, any issues can be very hard to get on top of.

We are able to offer bespoke sizes of our mattress encasements, which remove the key harbourage points for bed bugs, and keep the mattress pristine by stopping any unwanted spillages, stains and accidents every getting through.

Should an outbreak occur, we advise against use of chemical pesticides in the vast majority of circumstances – bed bugs are now highly resistant to most of the pesticides that can be used against them.

We recommend heat treatment – the only solution which will kill bed bugs in all their stages (including the eggs stage) and something that the bugs cannot build up resistance to. Our heat treatments are GUARANTEED to deal with the problem. We can even provide bespoke heat treatment equipment that can be taken on overseas operations. Please contact us for more information.