Bed Bugs in the UK – Blood Suckers On The March

Bed bugs are an ever increasing problem for the hotel and hospitality business in the UK. Reported instances of bed bug bites have been increasing at a rate of up to 20% per year in major cities. They are expert hitch hikers, and as the population becomes ever more transient, the problem can only get worse.

Feeding on human blood, bed bugs hide in the day and come out for a meal at night. An outbreak can cause great distress to your customers, and great damage to your brand and reputation. Until now the only way to protect against infestation has been to set up expensive maintenance agreements with outside contractors.

They have also become a huge problem for the pest control industry, because in the UK the bed bugs have become highly resistant to the chemicals that can be used against them.

The best way of dealing with bed bugs is to spot them early, and kill them with heat treatment which they cannot become resistant to.

Our heat treatment is GUARANTEED, and we can tackle small and large outbreaks.

Bed Bug Facts

  • Bites cause great mental and emotional distress

  • Bed bugs build up immunity to traditional treatments

  • They can go three months without a meal

  • They move easily from room to room

  • Females lay several eggs every day

  • Bites often cause nasty secondary infections

  • Solicitors now specialise in compensation cases

The Costs of a Bed Bug Outbreak

  • Damage to reputation of both the premises and the brand

  • High cost of treatments, which may not work anyway

  • Closure of affected and surrounding rooms

  • Leading to significant lost revenue

  • High cost of follow up treatments

  • High cost of room refurbishment